Emerging Demand for Shuttle Bus Services


A need of shuttle buses in Toronto is rising day by day. The reasons behind it are increase of fast-growing neighborhoods and difficulties with transit system connected with this growth during rush hour.

Problem Solution:

One of these recent cases happened in the Park Lawn area where an activist-resident offered and organized crowd-funding campaign. It will help to handle necessary last mile transportation for community residing in the Park Lawn area. A lot of people drive downtown instead of taking Toronto Transit Commission to get to their jobs faster avoiding Lakeshore Road.

People of Liberty Village faced some legal challenges trying to compete with the TTC in the similar situation. They were setting up their own transit option named “Line Six shuttle” instead of crowded King streetcar route (1).

So, to be on board with city’s legal monopolist of transit system, memberships instead of tickets are sold. The developer accentuates on the complimentary role of a shuttle bus within a Park Lawn Lakeshore area as the last mile program. The most important reason of shuttle bus is to help residents to get to jobs faster and more effectively.

Price for membership fluctuates from $175 to $225 depending on when you are purchasing it. The fees include unlimited, non-transferable access to shuttle buses for four months. This project still needs to raise around $250’000 to be launched.

As stated by Metrolinx, the Parklawn station is economically non-viable even though there is going to be active condo construction in the nearest future. TTC comments that it works according to long-term plans of introducing Toronto’s Waterfront Reset Study. This study will include recommendations for transit solution improvements along the area from Long Branch to Woodbine Avenue.

One day might occur when these active developers will also need to request a help of specialized companies for customized shuttle bus services.








(1) Startup tackles Toronto transit woes with crowdfunded shuttle service: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/startups/startup-tackles-toronto-transit-woes-with-crowdfunded-shuttle-service/article20718003/?arc404=true

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