MSL Mobile App

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Our vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) units that track our fleet in real time, provide stop/start times at all destinations, track speed of the buses, circle check completion, fuel usage, and monitor basic engine information. The benefits of fleet tracking include optimized routing, streamlined maintenance, minimized fuel use and the increased operational mechanical health of the bus.

Real time local traffic conditions are superimposed onto our tracking software, allowing us to monitor current and predicted traffic patterns or accidents that may cause delay.

With the data gathered through our customized software we can develop Key Performace Indicators that include vehicle fuel mileage, kms travelled, preferred routes, harsh stops and start/stop times at all destinations. We are able to present a variety of analytics in various forms to summarize the performance of our buses and ultimately our shuttle bus services.

You can read more about our GPS system in this blog post.

Introducing the The MSL Mobile App

The MSL Mobile App is a useful tool for our shuttle riders.

  • Bus Tracking: Allows riders to track shuttle arrival times and view bus location in real-time.
  • Notifications: Riders can opt to be notified 5, 10, or 15 minutes prior to the bus’ arrival.
Getting Started
  1. Download the app by visiting your app store (iTunes or Google Play) and searching for “MSL” from the developer “bitHeads” or use the download link below to download to your smart phone.
  2. Download our getting started guide (pdf) below for additional instructions.

To find out about benefits of our MSL Mobile App you can visit this blog post.