I regularly take your shuttle out of don mills station. The buses are nice and clean, and the drivers are always very friendly! Overall I am very impressed with the service. Would recommend for a private event

Amanda M., http://bit.ly/2iLBUbM

"What a wonderful team! Everyone was happy and safe after a big day of celebration.

I was introduced to Mulmer through my work building complex. We have shuttles running to and from the complex to Fairview Mall and the subway station. I kept their phone number on me just in case I mixed up the pick-up locations if I had a late lunch day.

So my family asked on my thought about renting our a bus to a family wedding hosted out in Oakville and I immediately thought to call Mulmer up. Transportation was an issue for our out of town guests and we didn't want anyone to drink and drive.

The date of the event went flawlessly. The bus was on schedule and despite the slight modification of the schedule. A guest of the party decided they wanted to go home early, and but the bus was not scheduled for their stop on the first pick-up. The driver was very nice and kind about dropping them off as long as we didn't have an issue taking the chances of being a little late for the 2nd pick-up. The bus driver was very accommodating despite the rainy weather and late hour. I'm glad it all worked out.

Trish the charter coordinator was a life saver. She helped save the bride and groom over $100 and she made sure everything ran smoothly.

I would definitely hire them again for any corporate, parties or group events."


Ana W., http://bit.ly/2DfsMGl

“It has been 10 years of great service. I can definitely recommend Mulmer shuttle bus service to anyone. I have personally experienced only positive attitude and excellent service from yourself and the driver(s). I look forward to a long and continued excellent service delivery.”

Mary Cordeiro, RPA, FMA, Senior Property Manager, Epic Realty Partners

Mulmer Services Ltd. has been Evergreen Brick Works’ shuttle bus transportation provider since 2011, and has been providing efficient, safe and friendly shuttle bus transportation to our site from Broadview station each half hour on a daily basis.  MSL’s drivers are safe, courteous and reliable, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our visitors.  Mulmer is always quick to respond to questions, react to any minor issues or traffic diversions, and to provide additional shuttle services when needed.

We have been extremely happy with MSL's dedication to Evergreen, and look forward to continuing this solid relationship for many years to come.


Luuk Postuma, Director, Facility Management, Evergreen Brick Works