Why Are Real Estate Developers Slow to Make Buildings 5G Enabled

"Super fast 5G cellular networks are hot as major wireless carriers from Verizon to AT&T deploy the service, but it’s unclear if the infrastructure is in place for in-home 5G to replace current cable-based broadband. The 5G-enabled future seems kind of distant. Real estate developers would need to put fiber-optic cables in homes and office…
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New Sunnybrook brain centre will mean ‘better outcomes for patients’

"The new centre will bring together health-care teams from across the brain sciences field such as psychiatry, neurology, imaging, neurosurgery and geriatric medicine. Clinical and research space will be located beside each other in the building. “Right now, they’re situated in different parts of the hospital and we know, historically, the further away the clinicians…
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Health-care costs need to be top of mind during retirement planning

"Planning financially for retirement requires taking many uncertainties into consideration. One of the greatest is the cost of health care. Although some health-care costs are covered in Canada, there are many – ranging from medications and massages to nursing homes or at-home care – that need to be paid out of pocket. “It’s the most…
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