VIDEO: Ottawa hands the wheel to driverless technology

"At the Ottawa L5 test facility(link is external), cars and shuttles are cruising on a road network that looks just like real city streets, but no one’s at the wheel. That’s because "L5" stands for level 5, the highest level of vehicle intelligence and automation; these driverless vehicles are equipped with technology that lets them…
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Ottawa airport looking at driverless shuttle service

"The Ottawa International Airport could become the first location in Canada with a driverless shuttle service for public use. The airport authority and others are looking at introducing an autonomous shuttle to ferry people from external parking lots to the terminal on a regular route, a proposal that’s still in its early stages. “We are…
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Auto-pod shuttle aims to fill a gap in Ottawa’s transportation scene

"The Ottawa-based Canadian arm of U.K. technology firm Aurrigo plans to demonstrate its autonomous four-person shuttle at the Ottawa International Airport later this year, Capital Current has learned. Aurrigo, which set up shop in Ottawa just more than a year ago, claims the driverless shuttle will change the way people travel. The vehicle’s practical speed…
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