Connecting urban mobility and passenger experience

"From being rated the best railway operator in the customer satisfaction-based Swedish Quality Index Survey four years in a row, to maintaining a 99.9 percent on-time rate in Hong Kong, MTR Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer – European Business Jeremy Long, explains how innovation in digital technology has been central to enhancing both MTR’s customer experience…
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Are Cameras The Right Answer For Autonomous Vehicles?

"The use of wireless technologies is an integral part of modern life.  Radio, TV, Wi-Fi and Cellular technologies are part of the backbone of the economy. However, even with these established technologies, there are issues with providing adequate coverage. Interference from both man-made and natural sources is a concern.  Today, when issues occur, the result…
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In 2020 and Beyond, Freight and Passenger Rail Rely on Diesel

"From regional short line freight service to coast to coast passenger trains, the nation’s railroads depend on diesel power.  With increasing investments in new technology diesel engines and repowering and replacement of existing engines, railroads are poised for achieving greater service and efficiency goals. “Diesel has long been the technology of choice for moving people…
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